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This website is temporary, we will update it soon!


GRAMOLY Challenges is a modern concept, a new platform, and a new route of doing POTD. The challenges brought to you by GRAMOLY are daily problems of STEM assigned to you by the team which consist of live and interactive rankings, dynamic leaderboards, and points. It will help you become better at problem-solving in a really fun and gamified way.

If this doesn’t excite you enough then you will be hooked to learn that due to our powerful servers, the leaderboard will be revised every second!

Last but not the least, you can attempt it over your favorite social platform, discord. No more hassle of changing the platform. Although, don’t be afraid if you aren’t active on discord. You can very well attempt it over the website as well.



We have Integrated the technology with problem-solving by constructing a dynamic live database that will produce an on the go revised list of solvers with ranking and points which in turn will help you to gauge your preparation compared to other students in a really fun and gamified way.

Multiplatform support

According to our survey, we found that most of the users connected to us are active users of discord. Therefore, we brought challenges on discord for your convenience. Combined with discord API, the challenges can be attempted over discord or website, mobile or computer.


Front-end framed using the bootstrap framework, this ravishing and interactive interface delivers you an effortless and 24/7 access to the problems, leaderboards, and many more such things. Most importantly, All the problems are sorted according to their topics so that you can find any problems at ease.

Using the platform

You can solve challenges either from discord or website or both.


To submit answers of challenges from discord you will need a discord account. Then join the GRAMOLY Discord Server, and then you can see the challenges in #physics-challenges and #math-challenges for Physics and Math challenges respectively. If you want a notification for every challenge then you can go to the #roles channel and react to to get the role. Challenges will be released everyday at a fixed time and you can attempt them anytime without any time limit.

To submit your answer to a particular challenge you will have to directly message the bot, imageimage

The answer format will be specified for each challenges and the general answer format is mn@answer for math and pn@answer for physics where n is challenge’s number.

To submit an answer to a challenge you will have to message the bot using p!answer command for physics and m!answer command for mathematics.

So for example if you want to submit a physics challenge then you will have to message Physics Challenges by GRAMOLY#7090 with the following command to submit the answer:

p!answer pn@answer

Similarly for math, message Math Challenges by GRAMOLY#6263 with the following command

m!answer mn@answer

If you solve a particular day’s challenge on that day itself then you will get access to the channel of that particular day and can discuss the challenge and you may also dicuss it’s solution and your method there with other felow solvers!


If you do not use discord then you can submit and take part in challenges from our website for math challenges: for physics challenges:

First create an account, and verify your email. You can also link your discord account and then can solve from any platform, Discord or Website. If you connect your account after solving a few challenges on website and a few on discord then the account with the highest points will be shown on the Leaderboard.

Submitting answers: To submit an answer to a challenge go to /Challenges for math and /Challenges for physics and write your answer in the bar shown below. The answer format will be mentioned in the every challenge.